CMA CGM’s container fleet equipped with Uson Multi-Chamber Compactors

Case Story: CMA CGM

Recognized at the Sustainable Shipping Awards in July 2011, CMA CGM is the world’s third largest container shipping group and number one in France. Contributing to environmental sustainability on 35 of CMA CGM’s container vessels are UMCC multi-chamber dry waste compactors from Uson Marine. With this solution onboard it is possible to separate and compact four different waste fractions in one machine, with compaction of up to 90% depending on the fraction.

With the UMCC it is possible and easy to separate and compact several different waste fractions in one machine. General waste is compacted in a durable plastic sack, plastic and cardboard are baled, and cans are compacted. This is done in separate chambers with a volume reduction of up to 90% depending on the fraction. The bale/sack is strapped manually.

CMA CGM’s motto “Advanced Shipping, Environment Minded” conveys its know-how, ability to innovate, and unwavering dedication to protecting the environment. The company’s commitment to sustainable development and respect for nature relies on numerous environmental initiatives.

Several waste fractions handled by one machine

Since 2008 CMA CGM has been installing UMCC Multi-Chamber Compactors from Uson Marine on its newbuildings and this equipment is now in operation on 35 container ships.

Designed for demanding marine and offshore conditions, the UMCC, represents an investment in environmental sustainability. It is a robust electromechanical compactor which always compacts at full press force. The UMCC is easy to install, user-friendly and safe to use for the crew.

UMCC compactors are tailor-made to each customer’s need and can be supplied with 2 to 6 chambers. Additional chambers can easily be installed after delivery. The chambers are bolted to the deck and the press unit of the UMCC is moved sideways by an electrical motor, thus securing safe, comfortable operation in a rough sea.


UMCC Multi-Chamber Compactor for dry waste

  • Designed for demanding marine and offshore conditions
  • Electromechanical drive, no hydraulic oils
  • Cost-effective treatment in one single unit
  • Flexible chambers, between 2-6, which may be used for various dry waste fractions
  • Compaction of up to 90%, depending on the fraction
  • Additional chambers can be added
  • Easy to install, user-friendly and safe
  • DNV Maritime Assessment/Verification Report


CMA CGM Group – an intermodal carrier

One of the first global shipping carriers to control the complete logistics chain, the CMA CGM Group provides customers with tailor-made solutions to meet all their transport requirements, on land as well as at sea. It offers a door-to-door service that integrates maritime transport with inland waterways or rail, as well as port handling facilities and logistics on land.

  • More than 350 ships on a long list of shipping routes
  • Hundreds of ports visited each year
  • Several million TEU transported annually
  • More than 600 agencies and offices around the world
  • About 17,000 employees worldwide

The Group’s presence in the world’s most important terminals enables it to secure berths for its vessels, to keep container handling times to a minimum, and ensure excellent communication between its fleet and the ports.