M/Y Le Grand Bleu

Uson waste handling systems enable Le Grand Bleu to stay longer at sea

Case Story: M/Y Le Grand Bleu

At 115 meters long, Le Grand Bleu is one of the world’s largest private yachts. It was built at the Bremer Vulkan yard in Bremen, Germany, and launched in 2000.

In 2008 Le Grand Bleu was fitted with a food waste handling system, glass crusher and dry waste compactors. These systems which were supplied by Uson Marine enable the ship to remain at sea and anchor for longer periods without having to dispose of waste.

Le Grand Bleu has also been fitted with a new Zero Discharge waste water treatment system in addition to the existing Lloyd's certified system. The new treatment system has the capability to allow the re-use of treated waste water rather than discharging it into the sea.

No need to refrigerate food waste

In the past onboard Le Grand Bleu, it was necessary to store food waste in the refrigeration rooms for reasons of hygiene. With often as many as 60 people onboard, it became clear that it was essential to have an effective, hygienic food waste handling system.

Now, food waste is handled by a Uson One Way Macerator System, OWMS, which includes a local macerator unit in the galley and a 4 m3 holding tank. The OWMS grinds the food waste to particles less than 25 mm in size and transports it by vacuum to the sealed holding tank.

Ben Turnbull, First Engineer: “The system allows us to macerate and store food waste for up to a month when in port. We can then discharge it overboard when and where regulations allow.”

Dry waste fractions separated at source

Le Grand Bleu’s environmental policy goes beyond MARPOL regulations, since no dry waste is ever discharged overboard. All fractions are separated at source and delivered to the garbage room.

Plastics, paper and cardboard are compacted and baled in a UMCC-3 Multi-Chamber Compactor, which also compacts cans. All glass is crushed in a U-80 Glass Crusher. Volume reductions of up to 90% can be achieved, depending on the fraction. Dry waste is landed ashore and recycled where possible.

“We are very happy with the Uson systems,” says Ben Turnbull. “The compactor and glass crusher are working very reliably. The compacted waste is now wrapped in clear plastic film as it’s more cost effective than bags and allows us to show what the waste is.”

Longer periods at sea

The effectiveness of the waste management system is very important for Le Grand Bleu. With a proper waste management system onboard, she can sail for much longer before it becomes necessary to land waste. The cost to land dry waste is normally based on volume and this cost has been reduced thanks to the Uson Multi-Chamber Compactor.

Uson Marine’s scope of supply

Dry waste
• UMCC-3 Multi-Chamber Compactor
• U-80 Glass Crusher

Food Waste
Uson Marine One-Way Macerator system (OWMS), comprising:
• Local macerator unit, LMU
• 4 m3 holding tank for food waste

System is specifically designed for hygienic transportation and treatment of food waste in compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, U.S. Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards.