M/Y Vava II

Uson waste handling systems chosen for luxury superyacht Vava II

Case Story: M/Y Vava II

The luxury superyacht Vava II is the largest private motor yacht ever constructed in Britain, with an overall length of 96 metres. Custom built in 2011 by Devonport Yachts (now renamed Pendennis Plus) in Devonport, United Kingdom, the yacht's interior was designed by Remi Tessier and exterior styling is by Redman Whiteley Dixon. Top-end equipment was chosen for all parts of the vessel, and waste handling systems were no exception. Vava II is equipped with state-of-the-art dry waste, food and galley waste handling systems from Uson Marine.

Vava II underwent sea trials in October 2011 and on March 2, 2012, she sailed out of Plymouth for her maiden voyage to the Caribbean. This remarkable vessel took 200 craftsmen more than two years to complete and is built from steel with an aluminium superstructure. She is SOLAS-36 classed to passenger ship standards and able to accommodate 36 guests.

Every conceivable luxury

Special features include a helicopter landing pad, a large fold-down beach club, a variable depth swimming pool, beautifully appointed guest cabins and large tenders stored in large tender garages aft and forward, able to carry guests to shore.

Following an inaugural owner trip to the Caribbean, Vava II  will return to the Mediterranean for the summer, when she will become available for charter and set a new standard in the charter market.

Food and galley waste

Vava II is equipped with a state-of-the-art Uson Marine food and galley waste handling solution. With sometimes up to 100 people onboard, it is essential to have an effective, hygienic food waste handling system. Food and galley waste needs to be collected and stored in a hygienic and controlled way. 

The heart of the Uson solution is a One Way Macerator System OWMS, with five local macerator units in the galley/pantries and a 1.5 m3 holding tank. The OWMS grinds the food waste to particles less than 25 mm in size and transports it by vacuum to the closed holding tank. The holding tank offers hygienic, odour-free storage until the food waste can be landed or discharged overboard. It also allows the system to be operated in port and in areas where discharge overboard is not permitted.

A Uson USP-1 Dewatering Unit installed downstream of the holding tank can be used, if necessary, to reduce the volume of the food waste when the vessel is in areas where discharge to the sea is prohibited for extended periods.

Galley grey water passes a Uson UGS Grease Separator before it is discharged to the grey water tank. The fat is pumped to a special holding tank.


Dry waste fractions separated at source

Onboard Vava ll dry waste fractions are separated at source and compacted and baled to reduce their volume.

Equipment includes a UMCC-2 Multi-Chamber Compactor and UMS-2530 Mini-Shredder. These are used for compacting and shredding plastics, paper, cardboard and cans. Glass is crushed in a U-80 Glass Crusher.

Volume reductions of up to 90% can be achieved, depending on the fraction, which minimizes the amount of storage space required onboard and reduces landing and disposal costs onshore.

Uson Marine’s scope of supply

Food Waste

  • Uson Marine One-Way Macerator system (OWMS), comprising:
    – 5 local macerator units, LMUs
    – 1.5 m3 holding tank for food waste
  • USP-1 Dewatering Unit
  • UGS Grease separator

The system is specifically designed for hygienic transportation and treatment of food waste in compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, U.S. Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards.

Dry waste

  • UMCC-2 Multi-Chamber Compactor
  • UMS-2530 Mini-Shredder
  • U-80 Glass Crusher


Vava II (former Project 55)

  • Type of vessel: Superyacht
  • Owner: Private
  • Flag: Cayman islands
  • Year of build: 2011, delivered March 2, 2012
  • Built at: Devonport yachts (now renamed Pendennis Plus)
  • Design: Devonport yachts; interior Remi Tessier; exterior styling Redman Whiteley Dixon.
  • Length o.a.: 96 m
  • No. of people onboard: Max. 100
  • Classification: LR
  • Area of operation: Worldwide


Pendennis Plus (previously Devonport yachts)

Pendennis Plus combines design and engineering excellence with superyacht experience. They aim to service clients seeking exceptional yachts of outstanding quality, with a tailored response to each project and the dedication required to achieve design and engineering excellence.

Previous projects

Devonport’s superyacht pedigree is demonstrated by our new build and refit projects. In addition to M/Y Samar, M/Y Sarafsa and M/Y Salem, Devonport has undertaken the complete refit of M/Y Talitha G to Lloyds “new build certification”, also the refit of M/Y Leander. With the addition of the bespoke new-build Project 55, Devonport is responsible for both the build and refit of six of the World’s ‘Top 100’ superyachts.